Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Provide a briefing note to the Secretary of State for Energy and Essay

Provide a briefing note to the Secretary of State for Energy and temper Change in advance of the preparation of a new Energy Bill - Essay Examples relied on the provisions of the Energy snow-covered Paper of 2007, Energy White Paper of 2003, the Energy Review Report of 2006 and the Low Carbon Transition Plan of July 2009 Previous elan vital Bills in the linked Kingdom have contributed to sustainable use of energy through various operator. The energy laws have helped to regulate the taxation and use of energy in footing of both renewable and non-renewable energy. They have provided the legal provisions that have regulation extraction of energy resources, manufacturing, transportation and selling of energy products in the country (Makuch & Pereira, 2012). This means that the energy marketers and distributors in the country operate within limits of energy laws ensuring that they do not exploit citizens or overuse energy resources that could lead to environmental problems and energ y depletion. Previous laws have helped in the above issues as energy use has increased over the years as shown in the chart belowAn key aspect of the previous energy laws and bills is that they have helped in providing an environment that provides for competition in the energy sector among energy firms, both large and small. This has helped in stabilising prices of energy products for the consumer because the competition has ensured that companies provide competitive prices to woo consumers to buy their brands. The energy laws recognize that energy is required in all sectors of the economy and takes into account issues of work and distribution of various forms of energy and future requirements of the same. The challenges that the previous energy bulls have failed to address includePrevious energy bills in the UK have met several criticisms with inclination to a variety of issues. First, UK energy bills have been criticised for encouraging waste of energy. Energy laws in UK have b een insufficient in ensuring that it meets the standards of the EU energy-saving laws. The main reason for this has been brusk implementation of the bills put in

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