Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Multinational Enterprises Regulation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Multinational Enterprises Regulation - Essay ExampleFrom the report it is clear that international HRM is based on factors such as consistency, expertise, internationalisation experience, and resource power. These factors build objectives such as the functional re-alignment of operations owing to a multinational corporations global operations, and the localisation of HRM policies when necessary. In the practice of HRM within the legal age of multinational corporations, there is usually the transfer of the companys HRM practices and policies, which is referred to as knowledge transfer, to various hostile organisational units. This process takes place in several(prenominal) stages as the multinational corporation in question first needs to determine what needs to be transferred, and then carries out the actual process of transferring the HRM knowledge. The decease stage involves the utilisation, by the foreign branches, of the transferred knowledge.According to the essay findingsth e transfer process needs to not only occur from the multinational corporations headquarters to the foreign branches, but also between the subsidiaries themselves.The transfer of HRM knowledge and practices to subsidiary organisations from the headquarters of the multinational corporation is based on the assumption that it is best for the organisation to reserve use of the most superior practices in order to retain its competitive edge over the local firms in places where subsidiaries are based.

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