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Physics Acceleration - 5030 Words

Chapter 6. Uniform Acceleration Problems: Speed and Velocity 6-1. A car travels a distance of 86 km at an average speed of 8 m/s. How many hours were required for the trip? [pic] [pic] t = 2.99 h 6-2. Sound travels at an average speed of 340 m/s. Lightning from a distant thundercloud is seen almost immediately. If the sound of thunder reaches the ear 3 s later, how far away is the storm? [pic] t = 58.8 ms 6-3. A small rocket leaves its pad and travels a distance of 40 m vertically upward before returning to the earth five seconds after it was launched. What was the average velocity for the trip? [pic] v = 16.0 m/s 6-4. A car travels along a U-shaped curve for a distance of 400 m in 30†¦show more content†¦For Problem 6-17, what is the maximum displacement from the bottom and what is the velocity 4 s after leaving the bottom? (Maximum displacement occurs when vf = 0) 2as = vo2 - vf2; [pic]; s = +21.3 m vf = vo + at = 16 m/s = (-6 m/s2)(4 s); vf = - 8.00 m/s, down plane 6-19. A monorail train traveling at 80 km/h must be stopped in a distance of 40 m. What average acceleration is required and what is the stopping time? ( vo = 80 km/h = 22.2 m/s) 2as = vo2 - vf2; [pic]; a = -6.17 m/s2 [pic] ; t = 3.60 m/s Gravity and Free-Falling Bodies 6-20. A ball is dropped from rest and falls for 5 s. What are its position and velocity? s = vot +  ½at2; s = (0)(5 s) +  ½(-9.8 m/s2)(5 s)2 ; s = -122.5 m vf = vo + at = 0 + (-9.8 m/s2)(5 s); v = -49.0 m/s 6-21. A rock is dropped from rest. When will its displacement be 18 m below the point of release? What is its velocity at that time? s = vot +  ½at2; (-18 m) = (0)(t) +  ½(-9.8 m/s2)t2 ; t = 1.92 s vf = vo + at = 0 + (-9.8 m/s2)(1.92 s); vf = -18.8 m/s 6-22. A woman drops a weight from the top of a bridge while a friend below measures the time to strike the water below. What is the height of the bridge if the time is 3 s? s = vot +  ½at2 = (0) +  ½(-9.8 m/s2)(3 s)2; s = -44.1 m 6-23. A brick is given an initial downward velocity of 6 m/s. What is its final velocity after falling a distance of 40 m? 2as = vo2 - vf2 ; [pic]; v = (28.6 m/s;Show MoreRelatedAngular Projectile Motion Essay775 Words   |  4 Pagesangular projectile motion problems, one must consider the following steps. To begin with one must calculate the horizontal acceleration of the object, keeping in mind that the vertical acceleration is 9.8 m/s2 due to gravity. In most cases one is given the angle of the ramp to the horizontal, and the velocity. If not given, the velocity can be calculated using the object’s acceleration at a given moment in time. One must then calculate the vertical and horizontal components of the velocity using a vectorRead MoreMotion Down an Incline Essay1338 Words   |  6 Pages3: Motion Down an Incline Shaoren Yuan October 5, 2013 Physics 1301W, professor: Dr. Zudov, TA: David Abstract The processes of a cart rolling up and returning back along a track were recorded, and the processes (motion of the cart.) were described as equations. Also, we calculated the accelerations of every stage (aup, adown and ahighest). Then the relationship among aup, adown and ahighest was concluded. Finally, the acceleration was measured and was proved from data. Introduction IfRead MorePhysics 1 Midterm Exam Review 21359 Words   |  6 PagesPHYSICS 1 MIDTERM EXAM REVIEW #2 1. A 6.0-N force and an 8.0-N force act concurrently on a point. As the angle between these forces increases from 0 ° to 90 °, the magnitude of their resultant (1) decreases (2) increases (3) remains the same 2. A car increases its speed from 9.6 m/s to 11.2 m/s in 4.0 s. The average acceleration of the car during this 4.0-second interval is (1) 0.40 m/s2 (3) 2.8 m/s2 (2) 2.4 m/s2 (4) 5.2 m/s2 3. What is the speed of a 2.5-kilogram mass afterRead MoreThe Physics Of Physics : Physics1053 Words   |  5 Pagesthe greatest distance possible. Physics is relatable to this lab because the success for this car requires the use of engineered force resulting in the distance and speed components coming to play. The amount of materials used to make the car has a definite influence in the car’s mass, likewise effecting the acceleration. How smoothly the wheels coincide with the floor will depict the amount of friction being created which as well connects back to acceleration. Physics endeavors those key elements thereforeRead MoreWhat Is A Projectile?4393 Words   |  18 Pages â€Æ' What is a projectile? In â€Å"what is a projectile† (Physics Classroom, 2015), a projectile is a moving object and the only force acting upon it is gravity. The actual path of a projectile could vary according to the position and direction of the launch of the projectile. The image ‘types of projectiles’ (2015) shows three types of projectiles. P1 is the projectile which has the movement only in vertical direction while P2 has more vertical and a little horizontal motion thus moving in two dimensionsRead More Physics of Skydiving Essay1361 Words   |  6 PagesThe Physics of Skydiving What Is Skydiving? Skydiving is an adrenaline-based sport with a fairly simple concept -- jump from a high place (usually out of a plane) from several thousand feet above sea level and hope and pray for a safe landing. This safe landing is often times achieved through the use of a device called a parachute, which enables the skydiver to reduce his speed to such a point that colliding with the earth will not be fatal. This paper will explain a few of the key conceptsRead MoreAcceleration Due to Gravity2131 Words   |  9 PagesAcceleration Due to Gravity Introduction In this lab you will measure the acceleration due to gravity near the earth’s surface with two experiments: first, by determining the time for a steel ball to fall a known vertical distance (free fall), and then second, by measuring the velocity of a cart at various points as it glides down a slightly inclined and nearly frictionless air track (slow fall). Equipment Part 1: Free-Fall †¢ Free-fall apparatus (steel plate, drop mechanism) †¢ Electronic Timer †¢Read MoreReview Questions For Chap 2 1 Essay971 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Remedial Physics------------------------------------Review Questions -------------------------------------Chapter 2 Quantitative Problems 1) An object moves 15.0 m north and then 11.0 m south. Find both the distance traveled and the magnitude of the displacement vector. A) 6.0 m, 26.0 m B) 26.0 m, 4.0 m C) 26.0 m, 26.0 m D) 4.0 m, 4.0 m 2) A boat can move at 30 km/h in still water. How long will it take to move 12 km upstream in a river flowingRead MoreFormula Booklet Physics 11th9695 Words   |  39 PagesCall 1600-111-533 (toll-free) for info. Formula Booklet – Physics XI Dear students Most students tend to take it easy after the board examinations of Class X. The summer vacations immediately after Class X are a great opportunity for the students to race ahead of other students in the competitive world of IITJEE, where less than 2% students get selected every year for the prestigious institutes. Some students get governed completely by the emphasis laid by the teachers of the school in which theyRead MorePhysics2327 Words   |  10 Pagesignored. When the object in free fall is near the surface of the earth, the gravitational force on it is nearly constant. As a result, an object in free fall accelerates downward at a constant rate. This acceleration is usually represented with the symbol g. Physics students measure the acceleration due to gravity using a wide variety of timing methods. In this experiment, you will have the advantage of using a very precise timer connected to the calculator and a Photogate. The Photogate has a beam

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Play Analysis The Realist International System - 1137 Words

Introduction International Organisations (IOs) have risen to prominence in recent years. Yet significant debate exists surrounding their status as actors within the international system. As a result, this essay asserts that IOs are powerful independent actors to a small, albeit still significant extent. Whilst IOs do hold some power; the state remains the most powerful actor in international society. To develop this assertion, this essay will establish the principles of realism and liberalism, as these theories are central to this essay’s analysis. Additionally, this essay will explore the role IOs play in the realist international system. Conversely, this essay will examine the role IOs play in the liberal international system too. This essay aims to reaffirm the state’s status as the most powerful international actor whilst exploring the role of IOs. Principles of Realism First of all, under realism, IOs are not powerful independent actors in international society. Amongst realism’s central axioms is the assertion that the state is â€Å"the only legal actor internationally,† (Baylis, Smith and Owens, 2014, 544). This effectively means that the state is the only powerful independent actor in international society. Furthermore, this principle also establishes that since IOs are not states, they do not have any power within the international system, thus, they cannot be powerful independent actors in international society. There are instances where the state has ignored theShow MoreRelatedA Short Note On Constructivism And International Institutions920 Words   |  4 PagesConstructivism and International Institutions As technology leapt forward, facilitating and promoting the rapid spread of both goods and ideas throughout the world, the twentieth century saw the beginnings of true globalization and with it the birth of many international institutions. From organizations and documented agreements to global norms for state interaction, these institutions have changed the face of global politics and drawn analysis from all over the theoretical spectrum. Liberal theoristsRead MoreLiberalism and Realism Essay1249 Words   |  5 PagesRealism and Liberalism are two extremely prominent theories of international relations. These doctrines exhibit sagacious perceptions about war, foreign affairs and domestic relations. The fundamental principles of protocol in which we rely upon aren’t always apprehensive (Karle, Warren, 2003). By interpreting the data one could fathom these ideas. The assessment of these faculties wield noteworthy dominance about the concepts of international affairs. In analyzi ng this data, you will comprehend the variantRead More Realism and Neo-Realism Essay1162 Words   |  5 PagesINTRODUCTION The most historically entrenched theoretical perspective in international relations theory is that of classical realism. Surprisingly though classical realism was not sensationalized in the international relations arena until World War II despite its existence in fifth-century Athens. Many great philosophers such as Thucydides, Machiavelli and Hobbes developed the basics of classical realism and in 1948 Hans J. Morgenthau made the great leap into contemporizing classical realismRead MoreIs Democracy Promotion A Mask For Hegemonic Power?1546 Words   |  7 Pageswithout the use of any direct forms of violence (invasion, occupation or annexation). Many scholars in international relations have tried to find an answer to these questions, but they are still open to a much debate and discussion. Liberals believe that democracy promotion is an essential action from more prosperous states in order to achieve international peace and protect human rights. However, realists claim that democra cies promote their values and principles in order to fulfill their national interestsRead MoreWhat Are The Two Levels Of Security?873 Words   |  4 Pagesas well. Can war be overcome? How do the various theoretical approaches view this question? Realists argue that war is inevitable since states are always upgrading their militaries. Liberals argue that states will cooperate to achieve their goals affirming that democracies will never fight another democracy. Radicals state that war can be eliminated through a revolutionary change on the entire system. Constructivists argue that war is the result of individual’s perceptions of the enemy, if thisRead More Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy Essay1243 Words   |  5 Pagesand Foreign Policy Although the aspirations and goals of states are often motivated by external political pressures, analysis of recent foreign policy decisions demonstrates how internal political forces can play equally crucial roles in the pursuit and execution of these objectives. Thus, it would be invalid to claim that domestic politics and the nature of regimes play minor roles in either the goals a state pursues or the means it employs to reach them. By understanding how the diffusionRead MoreThe Theories of International Relations2314 Words   |  10 Pagestheories of international relations are the end results of good international relations and system in the world today, most of this theories are not well implemented in most countries which has resulted on conflicts among nations, political instabilities, secessions and all other political unrest. This essay will shed more light on the phases of international relations from the individual stage to the international stage. Firstly, this essay will explain what the theories of international relationsRead MoreThe Main Tenets Of Realism1325 Words   |  6 Pagessubject of national and international discussions since World War 2. In a recent attempt to lower the threat of nuclear war, America along with its allies have been negotiating with Iran to reduce Iran’s nuclear capabilities. The debate has been in progress for years and Iran has a blanket of sanctions to prevent economic growth without dismantling its nuclear facilities. There are many traditions used by politicians and diplomats at all levels of government in regards to international relations. PresidentRead MoreThe Theory Of War And Peace Essay1190 Words   |  5 PagesWaltz (1979) sees international structure as the main source of war and equal distribution of power between two actors (bipolarity) as the main guarantee of peace, Bremer (1992) and Reed (2000) emphasize the role of domestic factors on the emergence of conflict, and Wohlf orth (1999) claims that unipolarity not bipolarity will stabilize the international system. Thompson (2006), in contrast to Wohlforth, presents completely opposite arguments about the unipolarity of current system and makes differentRead MoreEssay about Realism - The State is the Most Important Actor2054 Words   |  9 PagesRealism - The State is the Most Important Actor Introduction During the latter half of the 20th century, the realist theory has been criticized as an outdated method which can no longer sufficiently explain the actions of the global community. Critics point to liberalism, another widely accepted theory, as the successor of realism as the dominant theory of international relations. Opponents of realism assert that the Democratic Peace theory is evidence that the theory of realism is no longer

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Psychoanalytic, Jungian, and Individual Psychology...

Psychoanalytic, Jungian, and Individual Psychology Theories When the word classical is used, images of things developed long ago with their traditional styles and ideas come to mind. They are perceived today as outdated and not as effective. Classical models of psychotherapy although deemed outdated, still have relevance in today’s practice of understanding human behavior. Psychotherapy is a science and art that was established back in the 1800’s with its own style and ideas. Classical models of psychoanalytic theory include psychoanalytic theory, neoanalytic theory, and individual psychology. The psychoanalytic theory founded by Sigmund Freud is the study of human psychological functioning and behavior. The personality theory†¦show more content†¦Freud is credited for developing the structural model in which he describes the three parts of the psyche as the id, ego, and super-ego. The id is the unconscious personality structure that contains the basic drives of individuals (self-gratification). The ego is the or ganized and realistic part of the personality. The super-ego acts as the conscience that maintains the sense of morality. Adler never accepted Freud’s theory of infantile sexual trauma. According to Freud, human behavior is produced by conflicts between genetically built-in drives, the instincts of self preservation, sex, and destruction. He felt that the dominant force in human behavior is the sexual instinct, which is innate. He furthers asserts that the unconscious is the most powerful source of behavior (Murdock, 2009). Jung’s beliefs were that there are common elements of human experiences called archetypes. The archetypes are self, the regulating center of the psyche; shadow, opposite of the ego; anima/animus, male and female principles that represent the true self; and persona, how we present to the world (Changing Minds.Org, 2011). He called the psychological make-up of a person the psyche and believed that specific characterizations change over time and across cultures. Jungian therapy stresses the patients study and acceptance of the archetypes within himself. Only when the first three archetypes are fully integrated can the self begin to be explored andShow MoreRelatedFreud, Adler and Jung: Founders of Psychoanalytic Research Essay1645 Words   |  7 Pagesand Jung: Founders of Psychoanalytic Research Elizabeth R. Blight PSY/250 1/23/2013 Michelle Willis Introduction: There are three well-known influential thinkers who are considered to be pioneers in the field of psychology. It could be argued that without †¦., the emergence of psychology as we know it might not have ever happened, at least in its present form. Freud is considered by his modern-day counterparts to be the founding father of analytic psychology, as he is the first toRead MoreThe First Layer Of The Unconscious1570 Words   |  7 Pagescalled complexes. A complex is a collection of opinions, moods, attitudes and memories that focus on a particular idea. The more elements attached to the complex, the greater its effect on the individual. Jung also said that the personal unconscious was much nearer the exterior than Freud advised and Jungian therapy is less concerned with repressed infantile knowledges. It is the present-day and the future, which in his opinion was the strategic to both the analysis of neurosis and its treatment.Read MorePsychoanalytic Theory : Psy choanalytic And Psychoanalytic Perspective Essay1300 Words   |  6 Pages Psychoanalytic aka â€Å"Psychodynamic† The psychoanalytic perspective, is the outlook that behavior and personality are effected by the conflict between one’s inner dreams n and expectation of society. Most of this conflict occurs in unconscious, which is outside the knowledge of an individual. Renowned psychologist, Freud established the psychoanalytic theory as an explanation for perplexed phenomena such as the meaning behindRead MoreBeatrice Hinkle/Psychoanalysis1635 Words   |  7 PagesCooper Medical School, which later was taken over by Stanford University. Sadly, her husband died in 1899 after only seven years of marriage. Beatrice Hinkle, whose own interest in psychological processes led her to a medical degree and a psychoanalytic career. Beatrice overcome her grief for her husband through working hard, graduated from the medical school and became a talented and dedicated physician. She was appointed as San Francisco s city physician. This particular fact was very importantRead MorePsychoanalytic Psychology : Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment1427 Words   |  6 Pages Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment Julious Campbell PSY/250 June 8, 2015 MR. MICHAEL PHILLIPS Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment Many people consider Psychology a science, which is true, applied science. Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior which has different levels with many dimensions. Psychology is compounded with many theories and studies that by trial, and error, have made psychology into the discipline that it has become today. Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and AlfredRead MoreThe Theory Of Personality Psychology1019 Words   |  5 Pagesdefine a person. Personality Psychology is the study of these different patterns among a group of people or culture. The studies of psychology started from Hippocrates’ theory that argues that personality traits are based on four different sections. This heavily influenced modern personality psychology. Three important psychologists helped shape the way humans define the term personality. Alfred Adler is one of these psychologists. Alder had a tendency to change his theory on personality throughoutRead MoreA Brief History About The Death Of The Son Of A Clergy Man By Karl Gustav1863 Words   |  8 PagesA brief History about the Theorist Born in†¦. in Switzerland the son of a clergy man, Karl Gustav Jung was a lonely child. Much has been written about his childhood isolation and the impact this had on his later theories, of the significance of he placed on the imagination and a deep need to connect to the greater whole to break out of his isolation. Jung was a highly imaginative and empathetic boy who was interested in philosophy religion and read widely. In 1900 Jung joined the staff of the Burghà ¶lzliRead MoreEssay about Carl Gustav Jung1078 Words   |  5 Pagesthe school of analytical psychology. He proposed and developed the concepts of the extroverted and introverted personality, archetypes, and the collective unconscious. The issues that he dealt with arose from his personal experiences. For many years Jung felt as if he had two separate personalities. One introverted while the other was extroverted. This interplay results in his study of integration and wholeness. His work has been influential not only in psychology, but in religion and literatureRead MoreFounding Fathers of Psychology1587 Words   |  7 PagesUn-Official Founding Fathers of Psychology Sarah Psy/310 2/13/2012 Un-Official Founding Fathers of Psychology These four men that we are about to talk about are some of the, if not the most important people in psychology. One developed psychology as a school of thought and published the first book on the subject which opened the door for another to develop his theories. Years after the book came out another thinker was inspired to look into the human mind and this time with a more scientificallyRead MoreHeart of Darkness in the Light of Psychoanalytic Theories.4599 Words   |  19 PagesPsychoanalytic Criticism Psychoanalytic criticism originated in the work of Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, who pioneered the technique of psychoanalysis. Freud developed a language that described, a model that explained, and a theory that encompassed human psychology. His theories are directly and indirectly concerned with the nature of the unconscious mind. Through his multiple case studies, Freud managed to find convincing evidence that most of our actions are motivated by psychological

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A Sample of Phenomenological Paper free essay sample

I have a girlfriend who has been my blockmate for almost four years. We’ve been together for three months now. I can say that her family belongs to upper-middle class—her father is working for the United Nations, earning USD8000 per month and her mother works as a tutor for toddlers. She was actually my close friend before we dated. Before we became couple last April, I actually observed (and from her friends’ stories) that she was really really ‘thrifty’ with her money. Her friends would usually tease her because she would usually opt to eat her own baon whenever they eat in restaurants in Katipunan instead of ordering food. I also got irritated with her once because of her complaints about our Php 50. 00 group contribution for a project. Now that we’re together, I have known her more. I was okay with her at first. However, when we started the ‘real’ thing—that is when we started dating, going to places, eating in restaurants—we started to fight over her ‘being practical’ attitude. I started to notice how insensitive she gets whenever I start complaining how hungry I am. I have noticed how she rants about her budget every time she withdraws some cash for something irrelevant. She also has this rule wherein we will pay for our own expenses every time we go out—no exceptions. She doesn’t want to lend anyone some money whatever the situation is. She would often insist taking the long way or regular commute rather thatn taking a cab even if it’s raining. One day, she told me that she needed to update her wardrobe and asked me to go with her to buy some clothes in Divi. We spent half-day running and searching every stall there. We didn’t eat anything aside from five pieces of fishballs we bought in a foodcart outside the mall. After that, she still didn’t invite me to eat something; instead, we did her grocery at about 9pm which was about an hour of walking and pushing a cart. I accused her of being insensitive to my needs and that she is not acting as a girlfriend to me because she doesn’t take care of me. I looked at her as indecent and cheap. She’s selfish. I mean, how could she, who has Php 30,000. 00 savings in her bank account, not afford of taking me to any eatery along the street and let me eat? It is only food and nothing luxurious I was asking for. Food is a need. It is natural for a girlfriend to remind, if not provide, the needs of their partners. She told me once, however, that they were raised that way. Her parents would give them some cash every Christmas which they will save and deposit in their own bank accounts. She told me that her parents don’t typically spend money buying their wants—phones, clothes, gadgets, even a Starbucks coffee she asked her mom one time. Hence, they were trained to be thrifty. They were forced to save money to buy these stuff for themselves. But what really made me thinking was that she told me that that kind of upbringing is something that she’s thankful for. It was a good training because she grew up practical and wise in money. Then I thought, maybe I was wrong. Maybe she wasn’t really selfish, thinking only about her own concerns not others’. Maybe her being ‘thrifty’ is a good thing. Consequently, what is selfishness? I reckon being selfish is when you think only about your own welfare to the extent that you become stingy to others. My girlfriend wants to spend her money more wisely because she is going to buy her wants which her parents don’t provide. She never treats me to eat somewhere because she is saving her money to buy her stuff. She’s careful with her savings and won’t lend anyone money even her siblings. Thus I figure she is selfish and that her thriftiness is too much that she doesn’t want to spend for others. Nonetheless, should I be angry with her? Being her girlfriend, I’m supposed to understand and accept her fully. Why did I judge her as being cheap and indecent just because she buys her pants in Divisoria? Why should I be angry about her not taking me to dinner? Why didn’t I, being the one who was so hungry, invite her then? Then I thought, maybe the problem is in me. Unlike her, we have this lifestyle of ‘spending’. We are not rich but my mom would usually do anything to provide for what we need and want. She feels hurt whenever she can’t give what we are asking for. Unlike her, I came from a family of politicians. My lolo has served our province for quite some time as a governor. My mom was a board member for two terms. We grew up entertaining guests and serving them food while they wait for Mama to attend to their concerns. Unlike her, money is not my priority. I mean, yes it’s nice to save but not to the extent that I will exclude myself from enjoying life and make myself look woe. This is something really different with her upbringing. Maybe, I was irritated with her simply because she is different. She’s living an independent life while I want to depend on her. I realized maybe it has something to do with my expectations. I expect her to be generous to me, to take good care of me because those are my ideals for a partner. Economically speaking, they are rich than my family. They own a bigger house, a nicer car, her father earns more. However, they just have this ‘value’ of living a frugal life. They are making the most out of their living but that doesn’t mean they are selfish. The problem is in us because we spend so much on luxury, not thinking about what’s really important—making us struggle in budgeting. They think about the others. She has asked not to skip meals, she bought me an umbrella because I don’t own one, and she cooks for me. Being careful with spending is different with being selfish. They grew up independently, they were raised to spend less on things that they don’t really need. But this doesn’t mean they are not enjoying life. They have a piano at home; they own a dog; they go to places like Malaysia and Africa. I should never mistake thriftiness as something wrong because this actually is a value in life that could save lives, just like in the story of Ang Langgam at ang Tipaklong. Sometimes, we get irritated when we see someone who has everything that we don’t have. We get irritated how different that someone from us. We keep on seeing holes in them so we can miss our own flaws. This leads to judging. We judge people according to our own standards not by what they really are. We are now caught up in a world where money is a huge thing. Sure, money can’t buy happiness and is lesser important than non-material things we have in life. But let’s face it, we can’t live a peaceful and simple life without any money to buy our necessities. There’s nothing wrong in prioritizing money and be economically smart. We need money to live. We are all free beings that can do everything we want in order to survive and be successful in life. I realized, I should love her more and make her feel accepted. This way, she will feel contented and happy. As a girlfriend, I have to accept her for who she is and what her values are. I shouldn’t be bombarding her with omplaints because she is just my girlfriend. It is not her obligation to provide for me, in the first place. I shouldn’t hate her because of this. Because in this way I am the one who is being selfish. I am the one who is being narrow-minded, thinking about what’s good for me. She is happy with the training that her parents provided for them. She is practical and prioritizes money as something she needs in order to live a life. As her girlfriend, I should be happy for her, too. I should never interfere with her strategies in life for her to achieve success but rather, be at her back and support her all the way.

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Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Atomic Bomb Essays

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Atomic Bomb Essays Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Atomic Bomb Paper Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Atomic Bomb Paper HIROSHIMA The non-fiction book Hiroshima by John Hersey is an engaging text with a powerful message in it. The book is a biographical text about lives of six people Miss Sasaki, Dr. Fujii, Mrs. Nakamura, Father Kleinsorge, Dr. Sasaki and Rev. Tanimoto in Hiroshima, Japan and how their lives completely changed at 8:15 on the 6th of August 1945 by the dropping of the first atomic bomb. The author, John Hersey, through his use of descriptive language the in book Hiroshima exposes the many horrors of a nuclear attack. Through the shocking and troubling graphic detail of human suffering and the physical effect of radiation and burns caused by the dropping of the atomic bomb Hersey exposes to the reader the deeply disturbing physical impact of a nuclear attack. In the book when Hersey writes about Mr. Tanimoto helping people out of the river he uses the sentence, He reached down and took a woman by the hands but her skin slipped off in a huge glove like piece, to shock the reader with something a person would only expect to find in a horror movie. By him putting that sentence in the text Hersey exposes the physical effect a nuclear attack has on the human body and suggest we should never let this happen again. When the characters of miss Sasaki, a clerk in her young twenties who is crushed by a bookshelves that fall on her from the impact of the bomb and is severely injured and left crippled the author show that the bomb didn’t only affect people be directly burning them or by radiation but also by the structural damage. Another sentence John Hersey uses to expose the physical impact of a nuclear attack is, their faces were wholly burned, their eye sockets were hollow, and the fluid from their melted eyes had run down their cheeks. Through this sentence Hersey again shocks the reader with the graphic detail of human suffering caused by the nuclear attack. In the book Hiroshima the author not only exposes the physical impacts right after the bomb but also weeks and years after the nuclear attack. The effect of radiation caused by the atomic bomb on people for most lasted for the rest of there live and often was the cause of the death and for those who had children affected some of there children. One of the six people interviewed, Father Kleinsorge who had only suffered minor cuts when the bomb had been dropped, a month later they still hadn’t healed and was suffering from high fever and abdominal pain and low white cell count. But his character couldn’t receive the one thing which would have probably helped, a blood transfusion because with atomic bomb patients they weren’t sure that if you stick needles in them they’ll stop bleeding. By telling the reader about Father Kleinsorge Hersey shows the reader that the nuclear attack caused many people to suffer from radiation sick months after the actual bombing and the irony is that one of thing that could save them could also kill them. The author also tells us that by 1950 the incidence of leukemia in hibakusha (survivors of the atomic bomb) was between ten and fifteen time above the normal, this was five years after the bomb had hit Hiroshima. Hersey does this to show the reader that even for those that are lucky enough to escape death and the terrible burns from the bomb they still are affected physically by the effect of radiation sickness and also other sicknesses caused by the radiation from the bomb. Hersey not only expose the physical impact of a nuclear attack in his book Hiroshima but also the emotional impact the dropping of a atomic bomb has on people and a society. The character of miss Sasaki who was left crippled by the dropping of the bomb suffered more from the emotional impact of the bomb the just the physical. Hersey exposes to the reader that after the had nuclear attack left her crippled it also left her feeling hopeless. Being unable to walk properly for the rest of her life, Miss Sasaki knew that she wouldn’t be able to take care of her family anymore and that her chances of ever getting married had reduced, which in her society meant a lot because married women had a higher statue then those which were unmarried. All of this left Miss Sasaki depressed for a long time. By Hersey including this in his book he expose to the reader that a nuclear attack has a huge effect on people emotionally for years after the actual attack even if they’re not severely physically affect. The story of Mrs. Nakamura is another example Hersey uses to expose the emotional impact of the dropping of an atomic bomb. After the bomb is dropped it leaves the Nakamura with out much money and Mrs. Nakamura in one part off the book is forced to sell her dead husband’s sewing machine to pay for doctor bills. In the book she describes this as the lowest and saddest moment of her whole life. The bomb leaving them with nothing forces Mrs. Nakamura to do anything she can to care for herself and family which leaves her very emotionally distort. Hersey tell the reader this part of Mrs. Nakamura story to show the reader that even after the immediate damage the bomb still inflects emotional horror to those lucky enough to escape the physical impact of the bomb. The book Hiroshima also expose to the reader the sever psychological impact of the dropping of an atomic bomb. After the bomb had left a hundred thousand people dead in Hiroshima, Dr. Sasaki and Mr. Tanimoto were left wondering why they had survived while so many others had perished. On the day of the bombing Mr. Tanimoto spent most of his time helping people but in one part of the book when he was walking in the dark he tripped over an injured person. The book described him as feeling ashamed of hurting wounded people, embarrassed at being able to walk upright. Dr. Sasaki moved away from Hiroshima six years after the bomb to withdraw form the effect of being a hibakusha and the awful memories. But for his whole life he tried to forget yet couldn’t fully. He was still haunted by his failure to properly label all the dead to the Red Cross hospital so they could be properly honored. The Author shows the reader the damaging psychological impact the bomb had on those that had survived and had guilt over deaths that weren’t there fault simply because of the fact that they didn’t die like the rest. By Hersey exposing the psychological effect he also exposes to the reader that the effect of a nuclear attack can last for the rest of people lives. The dropping of the first atomic bomb not only had horrible effects on people but also a huge structural impact on there home. hey found that the power exerted by the explosion was 5. 3 tons per square yard and substances like mice which had a melting point of nine hundred degrees Celsius had fused with granite 80 yards from the center. The heat released by the bomb of six thousand degrees Celsius had pretty much destroyed every structure that it came in contact with which included thousands of peoples home and hundred hospitals. By Hersey telling the reader about the enormous structural damaged caused by the bo mb he not only tells about buildings being destroyed ut also lives. Thousands of people were left homeless and for the survivors a lot of the hospitals were destroyed leaving them with only a few places to get aid which resulted in many people not getting the help they needed. Hersey tells the reader this so they get the full impact of an atomic bomb. Through his uses of descriptive language Hersey exposes to the reader the physical, emotional, Psychological and structural damage caused by a nuclear attack. He shows the reader how peoples are physically changed but also how emotional psychologically scared by this act of horror. Through Hersey’s graphic detail of the horror after the bomb and the effects years after he shock the reader while also give the message that we shouldn’t let this happen again. In the book Hiroshima the author John Hersey exposes that a nuclear attack is not simply a disaster that fades away when the rubble is removed and buildings are rebuilt but an act of horror that changes the course of people’s live.

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Racial Inequality in America in 1998

Racial Inequality in America in 1998 Racial inequality in the United States is still a contentious issue. The demographic population of the US may be a possible explanation for this social ill because as commentator Ben Wattenberg importunes, the United States has become the â€Å"world’s first multinational society† (Lee, 2012, p. 2).Advertising We will write a custom term paper sample on Racial Inequality in America in 1998 specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Today, most nations across the world look up to the United States in awe of its immigration status in view of the relevant laws and policies. The US has comfortably managed to accommodate all races from Blacks to White to Asians and Hispanics within its borders. However, racial inequality remains the greatest vulnerability suffered by the United States’ democracy. Despite being the orchestrator of the Universal Bill of Rights, the US suffers gravely from a systemic cancer of racial imparity. This malevolence dates back to the ages of slavery, during which the role of the united states cannot be underestimated as it had the largest number of slaves within a localized geographical location (the South). Moreover, even after the ban of slavery in the US, it was notoriuious for continued infringement of human rights by discrimination even after the abolishment of slavery after the Civil War (Vorenberg, 2001, p.104). Nevertheless, since the 1960s, the United States has come a long way in the abolishment of discrimination and bias based on diversities. There have been three key legislations, viz. The Omnibus Civil Rights Act of 1964, The Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Free Housing Act of 1968 that assisted in the fight against racial iniquality by legislating the desired socio-political, economic, and cultural outcome of a free United States. After the Civil War, Americans were under the impression that the social ills leading to the civil strife that culminated in the war wou ld come to an immediate end. However, the continuation of these social atrocities until as late as 1998 was proof that it would take more than just a few new laws and declaration to rid people of the racial bias that had been so deeply entrenched in their minds and lives. The history of slavery dates back to the early seventeenth Century when a Dutch ship arrived in the New World loaded with African slaves (Buell, 2004). At one point, there was a severe shortage of labor to run the plantations and these human machines were perceived as the only way out. They were strong, resilient, and clearly built for hard labor and harsh living conditions, which suited their maters’ needs. Consequently, slave trade soon became a lucrative business and ships continued to arrive with armies of Africans who at first had been sold off by their own communities into slavery as outcasts, but as the demand grew, the slave dealers began to kidnap slaves for trade.Advertising Looking for ter m paper on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This went on for more than three centuries and so by the time slavery was being abolished in the early 20th century, whites had become accustomed to treating African Americans with contempt. There was a time in history when it was not conceivable that an African could read. The white masters did not believe that slaves had the intelligence to grasp any knowledge. With this kind of background, it is in fact commendable that the world has come so far as to accept black people in almost equal standing. In The United States, Blacks are actually ranking above Hispanics and some Asians in terms of development (Sowell, 2013). However, the issue of racial inequality still survives and policy makers are running out of ideas on what laws to install to get rid of racial inequality for the last time. However, if history is an indicator, legislation alone shall not solve this pr oblem. Immediately after the Civil War, policy makers came up with the Omnibus Civil Rights Act, of 1964. This Act is the mother of all antidiscrimination legislations and it covered racial, ethnic, and even sexual discrimination (Lee, 2012). Title VIII is an addendum to the Act and it tackles discrimination at the workplace, religious discrimination, and sexual harassment at the workplace. It also made segregation illegal and empowered the Attorney General to institute suits against institutions and agencies such as schools and employers who discriminated against their students and employees respectively, based on race among other variables. The second Act was the Voting Rights Act 1965. This Act established federal regulation over matters that were hitherto reserved for state and local jurisdiction only, such as political issues to do with voting and minorities’ rights. In 2006 when it was most recently amended, the Republicans in the House sought to abrogate the federal ov ersight capacity of the Judicial Department to no avail. The third Act was the Federal Housing Act of 1968 â€Å"that prohibited racial discrimination in the sale and renting of housing† (Bonilla-Silva, 2006, p.94). It covers all houses including those that are individually owned and occupied. Unfortunately, these legislations did not successfully eliminate racial inequality because although the law required compliance in certain institutional settings, it could not act as a watchdog in every social aspect of racism. For instance, it could not prevent racist comments between individual citizens. This shortcoming in the law’s capacity to address the issue of racial inequality adequately culminated in several instances of hate crimes that were egregious violations of human rights policies and in the case of James Byrd Jr., it cost his life (Petersen, 2011).Advertising We will write a custom term paper sample on Racial Inequality in America in 1998 specifically fo r you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In 1998, at Jasper County in Texas, three white men, viz. Lawrence Russell Brewer, John William King, Shawn Berry killed James Byrd in a shocking act that was described by one prosecutor as psychopathic racism. These three men were out on a drinking spree when they saw a black James Byrd walking down the street. They offered him a ride and a beer then began to ridicule him with racist sentiments (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2005). At first, he ignored the barbs, but eventually a fight ensued, which culminated in his throat being slit, black paint being smeared on his face and finally, being chained by his feet to the back of their truck and dragged for three or so miles until he died after getting decapitated. Soon afterwards, investigations began and since it was such an egregious act of racial violence, the Federal Bureau of Investigations coupled up with the Justice Department and the state to nub the perpetrators. Eventually, the three men were arrested, prosecuted, and the jury found them guilty of murder (Welch, 2007). King and Brewer were given the death penalty as the jury ruled unanimously that they should be put to death, while Berry got a life sentence. One of the questions asked of the jury in such instances is whether it believes that the perpetrator shall kill again if not put to death first. Racial inequality continues to be a contentious issue in the US democracy and statistics indicate a consistent pattern since from as early as 1968 up to date. If a hierarchy were to be applied, whites would be on top, followed by blacks in some instances, and the other races respectively. Worryingly, the newer races in the US economy are already surpassing or threatening to surpass the African American population in matters of poverty and employment (Lee, 2012, p. 7). However, the solution perhaps lies in education as educated individuals, irrespective of race, seem to live in a respectable sta ndard, but this is also not a foolproof remedy because there is still a gap between equally educated counterparts among the races. Consequently, more time is required for further unification of races in addition to all the preventive legislations and policies aimed at eradicating racial inequality as well as education. As time lapses, people’s attitudes seem to improve by abandoning long-held idiosyncrasies. Reference List Bonilla-Silva, E. (2006). Racism without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the  Persistence of Racial Inequality in America. Oxford, UK: Rowman Littlefield Publishers.Advertising Looking for term paper on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Buell, T. (2004). Slavery in America: A Primary Source History of the Intolerable  Practice of Slavery. New York, NY: The Rosen Publishing Group. Federal Bureau of Investigation. (2005). Hate Crime Statistics 2004. Web. Lee, C. (2012, May). Racial Inequality: Americas Achilles Heel- Full Chapter You are  here Todays American: How Free? Web. Petersen, J. (2011). Murder, the Media, and the Politics of Public Feelings:  Remembering Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Indianapolis, IN: Indiana University Press. Sowell, T. (2013). Intellectuals and Race. New York, NY: Basic Books. Vorenberg, M. (2001). Final Freedom: The Civil War, the Abolition of Slavery, and the  Thirteenth Amendment. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Welch, K. (2007). Black Criminal Stereotypes and Racial Profiling. Journal of  Contemporary Criminal Justice, 23(3), 276-288.

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Virtual Meeting Report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Virtual Meeting Report - Assignment Example I attended a virtual meeting as the chairperson of the group, and used programs such as Google doc. The main items under discussion in our agenda were team evaluation and team contact (Guffey & Loewy, 2010). Since virtual meetings do not require physical presence of participants of meeting, maintenance of team cooperation and solidarity is on compromise, hence the main agendas on team evaluation and team contact. Evaluation of the team’s performance determines the level of active participation and contribution of an individual to a group virtual meeting. On the other hand, team contact brings about cooperation and support from members in a team. These two are very elusive aspects of a virtual meeting as opposed to a conventional meeting where participants of the meeting meet at a single location, and carry out one-on-one discussions on their agendas. Using Google doc to conduct our meeting was instrumental in facilitating our communication and exchange of opinions for each item of the agenda. The site provides a suitable platform for every member of the group to participate actively in the discussions of the day, especially considering the efficient performance of the website. The Google doc website is a very promising platform for holding virtual meetings. This is due to the universal presence of the site, and as such, any member of the group can participate and contribute their ideas to the meeting. In addition, this is also necessary in ensuring effective performance of all members during a meeting. The platform allows for fast and effective responses of each member of group in a meeting, and every member gets to know who is speaking at a particular time to avoid interferences and disturbances during the meeting. This is a very effective program in building and developing the teamwork of my group as all members know how well to use

Physics Acceleration - 5030 Words

Chapter 6. Uniform Acceleration Problems: Speed and Velocity 6-1. A car travels a distance of 86 km at an average speed of 8 m/s. ...