Monday, February 24, 2020

Virtual Meeting Report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Virtual Meeting Report - Assignment Example I attended a virtual meeting as the chairperson of the group, and used programs such as Google doc. The main items under discussion in our agenda were team evaluation and team contact (Guffey & Loewy, 2010). Since virtual meetings do not require physical presence of participants of meeting, maintenance of team cooperation and solidarity is on compromise, hence the main agendas on team evaluation and team contact. Evaluation of the team’s performance determines the level of active participation and contribution of an individual to a group virtual meeting. On the other hand, team contact brings about cooperation and support from members in a team. These two are very elusive aspects of a virtual meeting as opposed to a conventional meeting where participants of the meeting meet at a single location, and carry out one-on-one discussions on their agendas. Using Google doc to conduct our meeting was instrumental in facilitating our communication and exchange of opinions for each item of the agenda. The site provides a suitable platform for every member of the group to participate actively in the discussions of the day, especially considering the efficient performance of the website. The Google doc website is a very promising platform for holding virtual meetings. This is due to the universal presence of the site, and as such, any member of the group can participate and contribute their ideas to the meeting. In addition, this is also necessary in ensuring effective performance of all members during a meeting. The platform allows for fast and effective responses of each member of group in a meeting, and every member gets to know who is speaking at a particular time to avoid interferences and disturbances during the meeting. This is a very effective program in building and developing the teamwork of my group as all members know how well to use

Friday, February 7, 2020

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Rhetorical Analysis Essay - Assignment Example Richard Cohen, in his article â€Å"The Dangers of Labeling Terrorism† brings out various perceptions about the role of US in Islam states conflicts. This paper shall present a rhetoric analysis of Cohen’s article. Global conflicts are seen to be closely tied to religion and balance of power politics. Based on the consistency of outcomes, the author argues that there is little logic in all US involvement in foreign conflicts. He sees no need for US to continue with a trend, which does not bring positive results. For instance, he cites all the countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan as some of the countries that have not realized peace despite to US intervention. In fact, in such places, the US could have reasoned logically to let those countries managed their affairs without any interference. Cohen also feels that the fact that US’s intervention in Iraqi affairs to save besieged Yazidis is another move that was not logically well thought out. He may be seen to take this position with the understanding that no other state should meddle with other countries’ political affairs (Cohen 1). In addition, he feels that Barack Obama’s position in the Islamic conflicts is logical. He argues that Obama does not see a blank cover of generalized criminal acts perpetrated by Muslim faithful as Islamic Terrorism. He notes that Obama is right to observe that terrorism by some Islamic states, which does not reflect true Islam, should not be generalized to the entire Muslim world. Religious scholars all over the world may support this claim. That is because many scholars have noted that the original Islam has been corrupted. This corruption, in many cases, has led to the lack of tolerance. Besides that, the corrupted Islam has led the emergence of radical sects within Islam. Thus, the author rightly maintains that Obama’s position is logical, as it does not

Physics Acceleration - 5030 Words

Chapter 6. Uniform Acceleration Problems: Speed and Velocity 6-1. A car travels a distance of 86 km at an average speed of 8 m/s. ...