Monday, April 29, 2019

C task1 eval Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

C task1 eval - Essay ExampleMoreover, leadership skills butt joint be utilized as a major strength in sourplace, the ability to take quick stopping point along with setting up of the goal and objectives which testament result profitable for the sensory manu particularuring company in the long run. Weakness Weakness needs to be overcome as it has the potential and common shipway for being a reason of business failure (Hauser, 2012). Experience group members play a major role in the success of any organization. Thus, the lack of experience in the particular field can become failing for the organization. However, this weakness can be overcome by the efficient and hard work and focusing more on the strength to overcome the weakness. Strength includes hardworking nature, innovative thinking, and leadership skills which will help to overcome the weakness of being fresher and lead towards the success of the sensor manufacturing company. Role each(prenominal) and every role of the police squad member is important for the success of the organization, and each of the members tends to equally contributes towards the success. ... Strengths of the team each of the members are well versed, knowledgeable and skillful, able to take the responsibilities effectively and efficiently. The core strength lies in the fact that each of the team members work together in order to achieve the respective goal. When there is an feat in the team it is shared among the team members and not only on particular individual. This formula tends to assure the team and make it united. In addition, with effective coordination the team will be able to achieve the desired success for the sensory manufacturing company. Adding all the strength together, it can be concluded that skillful and hardworking team members and the team at sensory manufacturing company will be able to achieve the set goal. Weaknesses of the team Different views of the team members along with the different style of wo rking habits qualification lead to misbalance of working conditions. almost of the team members might not get along well with each other which in reward results in the possibility to hamper the work process. This situation might be regarded as a weakness for the organization and the team itself since the internal factors affect the company as a whole. Apart from it, the company has been experiencing slump financials which might also affect the effective working conditions resulting in brand weakness. The allocation of budget might not be accurate, and the marketing and promotional strategies might need to be settled in pathetic budget resulting in low brand awareness among the customers. Interaction with the Team The company follows an open dialogue system with the members of the organization, and the same is followed by the team leader. The team leader follows one to one communication so that interaction between the

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