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Analysis paper Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analysis paper - Case think ExampleJane has been motivated to undertake treatment in seeking to ensure she recovers from the condition. This changes the behaviour patterns in parity to the ability for the person to meet their expectations.According to the Freuds theory, Jane is undergoing a subconscious minds situation. She believes that the traditional medicine buns be able to cure her as opposed to the medication which people. Unconscious mind includes beliefs which people choose and which come from religious elements and they are affected by the subconscious mind. These beliefs acquit been fundamental in constitution the belief of the diligent. The patient is being held by the religious beliefs in seeking medication and believes the traditional healers have the capability to perform better than the other medication.One of the fundamental problem which is facing the care squad is the process of understanding the thoughts and perceptions of the patient. The diagnostic approa ches have been made difficult by the mixed reactions of the patient as a result of religious beliefs. Various therapeutic communication techniques can be utilised in undertaking the treatment of the patient and these pass on be critical to overcoming the difficulties being experienced in presenting a working intervention to the patient (Dossey & Keegan, 2012). These communications therapies have a significant effect in ensuring that the patient is capable of accepting the medical interventions which will be applied by the medial team. The following approaches would be suggested for JaneUsing silence Jane normally drinks with friends and does not appear to have any issues in relation to that fact. The intake of silence by the professional medical teams can enable her to provide information voluntarily which will be able to assist the medical teams to understand her behaviour.Encouraging description of

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