Thursday, May 30, 2019

I Think Im Pretty Sure I Remember What You Did Last Summer :: English Literature Essays

I Think Im Pretty Sure I regard as What You Did Last SummerAfter we ran over that old lady in Diegos car, well things havent been the same. I still have nightmares of her chasing me with that handbag. I told them to go to the police but Diego didnt want to be put up for manslaughter. I cant get the image out of my mind. I knew we shouldnt have dumped her body in the Port River. If Luke werent so pissed that night he wouldnt have distracted Diego. Bens non the same anymore, he keeps on having these mental fits. I feel sorry for his parents, I mean the old lady even killed Michael for gods sake Alastairs been playing really weird too. Every time he sees an old lady he goes absolutely crazy. Anyway a good thing happened the other day, it was a far cry from all those murders that old bitch committed, she should be dead I mean I shot her in the head five measure before pushing her in front of that semi-trailer. Anyway, the good thing is a radio station rang up and said that Id won a t rip to Kangaroo Island and that I could take five mates along. So let me seeI took Alastair, Ben, Diego, Luke and Jason. We all went in Diegos car. Alastair sat up front, Ben, Luke and I were in the back and we tied Jason to the roof racks with the entire luggage and Adam wanted to come so he ran behind us. We deliberately took the long way. When we arrived it was fantastic, I reckon it was a five star shack. Adam died of a heart attack when we got there so we burnt his body and pissed on his ashes, you humpto make sure he didnt come back to life and kill us all. Anyway we met the bloke who owned the shack, his name was Bill Oldladison and he was a pretty nice guy. He let us borrow his fishing gear and all. That night Luke decided to raise the alcohol level in his blood so he reached into his bag of booze and sucked on a bottle of Jim Beam. Alastair got hungry and asked Diego to go to the local pizza bar and get ii party size pizzas but Diego didnt want to go because he was waitin g for some soccer show about Boca Juniors to lift off on SBS so he gave the keys to Luke.

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