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Balance in Charles Dickens Hard Times :: essays papers

Balance in Charles Dickens Hard Times Balance it is atomic number 53 attri merelye that almost everyone strives for within the trials and tribulations of everyday life. However, the delicate conditions mandatory to achieve such a plateau vary from person to person. It is Charles Dickens, in his novel Hard Times, who walks along a great tight rope in hopes of finding a medium between the multiple extremes. Using a satirical angle, Dickens tells the story of a community who becomes caught in the trap of one side of the spectrum, trapped with the cold, hard facts of life. In this world of rigid schedules and mind-numbing tasks, he is able to effectively display the absurdity of such circumstances. One of the areas most greatly affected by such controversy is that of education. For galore(postnominal) decades teachers have been struggling to find the balance between cramming students heads with facts, and letting their creativity and voluntary dominate the learning process. T homas Gradgrind, the schools headmaster, is one character who is unable to see the need for the balance. His entire educational system was based upon turn out fact. Gradgrind goes as far as discouraging the imagination and wonder of the unknown in his students. For he believed that You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon Facts nothing else impart ever be of any service to them. Yet what he failed to realize was the importance of how creativity and emotion affected not only personal catchth, but also the society as a whole. Without such stimuli, the children can become a form of walking drone, spitting out facts without analyzing and questioning them. These zombies created in the school, grow up to become workers in the factories of the district. Toiling away for hours upon mindless tasks, these people are reduced to mere hands, painstakingly adding to the continuous hum of the factory. So many hundred hands in this Mill so many hundred horse steam power. They a re caught in the vicious cycle being case-hardened as a mass, rather than individuals as they are. Each of the characters know something is absent from inside of their soul, but no one can figure out the tiny missing piece. Yet to the reader it is an easy puzzle to solve, for a person is never complete without the ability to imagine and dream.

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