Thursday, April 25, 2019

Prove Me Wrong Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Prove Me Wrong - Essay ExampleI ratnot affirm that this has changed. However, it has come to my concern that looks can be deceiving, and what I think is right is not necessarily so. I trust easily, I am kind, I care, and I love my family and friends. Whilst these personal traits might not change over my lifetime, handling them with last-ditch care is vital. They make me easy to persuade, subsequently vulnerable to exploitation. It is in the family setting that I learned to dissent by my friends and family. Whenever an issue occurred, social or financial, I would do my best to save the situation. For this reason, everybody seemed to like me. My family and friends enjoyed my corporation and came to me for help any time they felt like. I would give my advice or offer whatever I have if the issue was financial. However, I expected that anything borrowed from me should be returned, especially where monetary values were attached. Months and years passed in the beginning things started changing. After some time, I realized that my generosity, kindness, care, and love were being taken for granted. They started being used as avenues to exploit me. My friends and family had known me too well, allowing them to take advantage of my weak point.

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