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Character Analysis of Beowulf Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Character Analysis of Beowulf - Research Paper ExampleThe rime Beowulf is itself a trajectory and the poem depicts a journey. The journey of Beowulfs emotional state can be regarded as the line of action along which this Old Anglo Saxon epic poem proceeds. And it is through the development of the plot of the epic that the development of the fibre of Beowulf takes place. The poem is actually exploration and exultation of the chivalry and heroism of the protagonist. The character of Beowulf can be analysed from devil perspectives and these perspectives divide the poem also into two neat divisions. Beowulf can be analysed from his actions at youth and his actions at a senior age. These actions ar again divided into a tripartite pattern of conflicts, first with Grendel, befriend with Grendels mother and the finally with the Dragon. All these conflicts are viewed as display of heroic code by various critics. The two neat phases in Beowulfs life is pitchforkd by a breakout of fifty years.In both the phases of Beowulfs life, he is the undoubted hero. His actions at youth and his actions at age are again marked distinctively by his youthful heroism through the display of unfettered warrior and his actions at age can be viewed as matured heroism displayed through the role of a authoritative and a matured king. The poem is all about the transition of the protagonist from one phase of his life to another and while drawing the character sketch of Beowulf, it is necessary to mention that at two separate phases of Beowulfs life, there are two distinct models of virtue operating. The understanding of these models separately and comparison of the various(prenominal) models will easily launch us to a realm where the portrait of the protagonist will not have any missing link and shall attain the perfect fulfilmentBeowulf was a marvellous warrior in his youth. He was full of youth, vigour and vitality. Also, he possessed tremendous strength and

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