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Substance misusers

Identify and act upon immediate danger of hazard to substance misuses 1. 1 Describe the range of different substances subject to misuse and their make There Is a whole range of different substances and they all create different effects. Substances fit Into three different categories, with much than one category fitting whatever substances. The three categories are Stimulants, Depressants and Hallucinogens. I will proceed to total the main substances, their effects, how they are taken and the category they fit into Alkyl Nitrates (poppers, amyl nitrate, only ifyl nitrate, gibbously nitrate) menageHallucinogens Effect Brief but intense head rush, flushed face and neck, effects fade after 2-5- minutes conformity and how taken Vapor which is breathed in through the m come forwardh or nose or from a gauzy bottle or tube. Amphetamines (speed, waltz, poet, belly, sulfate, crystallizing meet) menage Stimulants Effect Excitement, the mind races and users quality confident an d energetic, suppresses appetite, smoking crystal meet will produce a more intense rush establish and how taken grey-haired or white powder that is snorted, swallowed, ingest, injected or turn in a drink.Base is a strong adjustment of the powder form and is white or yellowish in color and is usually swallowed or injected. Tablets which are swallowed. Crystal meet is crystalline and is smoked or injected. Anabolic Steroids (rods) phratry Users say the drugs make them feel more aggressive and able to train harder, helps build up muscle with custom, helps users recover from strenuous exercise Form and how taken Tablets that are swallowed or liquids that are injected BGP Phenylalanine (BIZ, pep, pep love, pep twisted, pep stones, the good stuff, exodus, frenzy) CategoryCauses effects similar to amphetamine but not as strong. When combined with other types of prissiness the effects expect to be compounded which gives a greater sense of euphoria (effects croupe differ from tab key to pill due to the nature of the chemical make-up) Form and how taken Pills many shapes, forms and colors Often have Imprints such(prenominal)(prenominal) as fly, crown, heart and can often be sold as ecstasy Cannabis (Marijuana, weed, puff, skunk, blow, phonic, draw. Soapbox) Category Users feel relaxed and talkative. May cause hilarity. Usually brings on cravings for food. infrangible skunk can cause hallucinations. Form and how taken A solid dark lump known as resin/hash or leaves, buds, stalks and seeds, or a sticky dark oil. Can be rolled either with or without tobacco in a Joint or smoked in a pipe, or eaten in a patty or biscuits. Cocaine and Crack (Cocaine, Charlie, coke, crack, wash, rock, white) Category Sense of well-being diswhitethornness and confidence. For cocaine the effect can last for nearly 30 minutes, users are often left wishing for more. Crack has the same effects as cocaine but is much more intense and a much shorter high with a ore intense craving for more.Form and how taken Cocaine white powder that is snorted up the nose, dabbed on gums, swallowed and sometimes dissolved and injected. Crack small raisin sized crystals which are smoked in a pipe Heroin (smack, gear, dark-brown, H) Depressants Strong feeling of warmth, contentment and well-being (happy bubble) Form and how taken Usually brown, sometimes white powder. Either smoked on foil or prepared for injection and injected. Ecstasy (E, doves, pills, burgers, disco biscuit, maturities, MADAM) Category Users feel alert and in tune with their surroundings.Sound, color and emotions seem more intense. Users may dance for extended periods. Effects may last for 3 to 6 hours. Form and how utilize Tablets of different shapes, size and color often with some kind of logo on. Pure MADAM (the main ingredient in ecstasy pills) is a brown colored crystal and is crushed and snorted. Gases, glues and aerosols (lighter gas, aerosols containing products such as hairspray, deodorants an d air fresheners, tins or tubes of glue, some paints, thinners and correcting fluids) CategoryHallucinogens standardized to being very drunk, also thick headed, dizzy, giggly, dreamy, and hallucinations Form and how use Sniffed or breathed into the lungs from a fabric or sleeve. Gas products are sometimes squirted directly into the back of the throat. Alcohol Disinherited, euphoria, loss of coordination and unconsciousness Form and how usedDrunk as a liquid Astatine (K, special K, vitamin K) in severe cases Form and how used Legally produced as a liquid, illegally produced as a pill or spunky white powder usually snorted or prepared for injection ND injected.Painlessnesss (Valid, digamma, tempera, neutralize, planetarium, yellows, blues, smarmiest, bonzes, reopen, trains, Jellies, valise, mommies, roofers, downers) Long acting bonzes such as valid/digamma are commonly used for stress and anxiety management. Short acting ones such as tempera are often used for help with sleep. Use d in detoxification where there is risk of fitting. All cause a calm relaxed feeling or bring on sleep. Form and how used Either swallowed as a pill, injected or used in a suppositoryOpiates (Methadone, codeine, Dehydrogenate (DIF 18), Diction, Petitioned, Opium, Morphine, Playful, Subtext partial opiate) Category Can be divided into long acting and short acting. SHort acting can depending on dose, give feelings of contentment and relief of distress that is also offered by heroin. Longer acting opiates such as methadone cause less euphoria and are mainly used to relieve symptoms of withdrawal. Form and how used Pills swallowed, linctuses swallowed, enunciable preparations. GHB (GHB, Liquid Ecstasy, gammahydroxybutyrate, RE, rib, blue Juice, roofless, liquid E)Small amounts may cause happiness and distribution. Increasing amounts brings out depressant effects. Sometimes used for bodybuilding. Induces sleep and is often associated with rape. Form and how used Odorless slightly eng aging liquid. Concentration is variable so may be difficult to measure dosage often sundry(a) with a drink LSI (Acid, trip, tab, blotter, stars) Time distortion, perceptual changes, visual colors and patterns Form and how used Usually a small tab of paper with a colorful pattern on usually eaten or wiped around gums

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