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Compare and contrast Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Compare and contrast - Essay ExampleThe core boil down should be getting others to comprehend ones ideas, feelings, and thoughts through the use of clear, simple, and precise words. Discussion Lederer bang for position is demonstrated his praise for the marvelous richness. In the Case for Short Words, Lederer praises itsy-bitsy words as he asserts that the quality of any constitution is not gauged on the number of long words that writers use. Lederer asserts that glad monosyllabic words can be equ all in ally effective since they are functional and carry a forcefulnessful punch. Lederer argues that when people speak and write, there is no rule that stipulates that people have to utilize spoilt words (Rosa and Eschholz 161). Lederer holds that small words illuminate on significant things indeed, complex words at indisputable times appear strange to the eye and ear, as well as in the mind. Lederer uses figurative expression in highlighting that short words are sharp like a bl ade to a knife. Studies have demonstrated that twenty words account for close to 25% of all spoken English words, and all twenty are monosyllable. Lederers cites studies, which have demonstrated that the fifty most common words within written English are each comprised of a single syllable. Lederer notes that Orators and poets have appreciated the power of small words to make a straight point between two minds, which is demonstrated by the power carried by proverbs. In the essay on simplicity, Zinsser exposes what he cites as writers number one challenge-clutter. Zinsser views Americans as choking with unnecessary words, pompous frills, meaningless jargon, and circular constructions (Rosa and Eschholz 177). Zinsser observes that Americans has a tendency to inflate and hence sound necessary, to the extent that when a sentence appears too simple, some people thinks there is something wrong with the sentence. Zinssers solution to this occupation lies in writers knowing what they want to express and to think clearly as they start with their composition. Zinsser asserts that the writers self-discipline and hard work are critical components to attaining concise, simple prose. Clear thinking translates to clear writing and no one can exist devoid of the other (Rosa and Eschholz 178). Zinsser cited studies, which have revealed that the reader is an elusive savage whose attention span only lasts about 30 seconds. Hence, the multiple forces competing for the readers attention whitethorn make it difficult for the reader to keep pace with the train of thought (Behrens 59). Hence, writers must at all times ask, what they are trying to express and evaluate the wiring to gauge whether they have said it. Lederer demonstrates this self-assertion in the example of few paragraphs written in short words. Lederer also utilizes figurative language to bed his point by outlining a list of words to use and nor to use. Lederer further reinforces his ideas through the use of notew orthy authors texts (Rosa and Eschholz 162). Lederer utilizes two diverse skill levels of writers to demonstrate why it is alright to utilize short words. In his conclusion, Lederer speaks at a time to the reader to inform them that if short words can be utilized by famous writers, consequently readers can as well use short words. Zinsser asserts

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